In 2011, National Museums Scotland completed the transformation of the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Whilst a designer at the award-winning agency, Frame, I was part of the team behind the marketing and creative campaign accompanying the institution's £47 million redevelopment project 

In response to the museum's brand idea (‘real things, revealing stories,’) and following an extensive period of research and exploration, we felt that the greatest feeling visitors would experience during their time at the museum was that of discovery. Discover the Bigger Picture became the leading concept of the campaign, which was then playfully brought to life across digital, print, environmental and ambient advertising
The creative effectively conveyed to the public that this was the largest museum in Scotland, a treasure trove, and that visitors would experience the whole world under one roof - from science and art to nature and outer space. From Rockets to Robes and from Dinos to Dodos

22,000 people visited the museum on the first day of the re-launch in 2011 – three times the previous record for a single day. By the following November, the visitor numbers had surpassed 1 million, achieving the annual target in less than four months