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Joe Rudi Studio is a graphic design and visual arts practice pursuing new understanding through creative exploration. Feel free to get in touch with Joe ︎

Latest News

Lobby Magazine: Last Year in Marienbad

lain Resnais's surreal and profound film, Last Year in Marienbad, was the focus of an article featured in the latest issue of the architectural journal, Lobby Magazine. I provided the illustration to accompany the essay which took inspiration from the defining and altogether unsettling cinematography and set design for which the film remains so distinctive.

Kill the Indian, Save the Man

I recently worked with the artist Serena Katt who created a beautiful visual essay which reflects on the impact of the forced assimilation of Native Americans by the United States. I designed the publication to accompany her exhibition at Playground, London. A full showcase of the book will be added to my portfolio soon.

A3 Pineapple Risograph

There are extras of my pineapple print available which was riso printed in tints of Metallic Gold and Teal. If you or anyone you know is pineapple crazy and in need of something nice for the home then feel free to get in touch. Selling for £10.00 + p&p ︎

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